healing the root causes of illness

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that the symptom is simply a manifestation of what the body is trying to tell us – and that there is always more to the story than what initially meets the eye. TCM is highly recognized for its use in pain management, fertility and hormone balance, digestive support, and for its ability to significantly reduce stress and anxiety. 

With a deep understanding of the body’s interconnectedness and the flow of vital energy (qi), this approach goes beyond mere alleviation of symptoms, aiming to restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit. Through personalized treatments that may include acupuncture, fire cupping, dietary recommendations, and lifestyle adjustments, we work to support your body’s innate healing abilities.

Where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness

Our Registered Acupuncturist works in the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dedicated to supporting you in health, treating both symptom and syndrome, manifestation and root cause symbiotically. 


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