DR. GRANDEL – SensiCode Rejuvinating Cream



DR. GRANDEL Sensi [Code] Rejuvenating Cream 50ml consists of a cream with strong anti-aging actions specially designed for sensitive skin looking for a more youthful and comforted complexion. Namely, this range by DR. GRANDEL has a calming effect thanks to their active ingredient concept. They reduce redness, strengthen the skin barrier function and thus make sensitive skin more resistant to external influences. The result is a visibly soothed, strengthened complexion with signs of age reduced and prevented. Finally, this cream also maintains the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome, also leaving the skin fully balanced and more regularized.

The composition of this cream contains a Skin Calming Complex composed of Extracts of Reed and Fu Ling that protect against external environmental irritants and noticeably soothes existing stress symptoms. On the other hand, the presence of the famous Almond Oil provides a valuable oil to this formula that is intensively smoothing, strengthening, and moisturizing, ideal for dehydrated sensitive skin. Finally, Gotu Kola Extract supports the functions of the skin barrier for a calm and more even complexion while Lysate, from lactic acid bacteria, strengthens the natural barrier function of the skin.

All in all, this cream has a strong ability to soothe the skin’s sensitivity while balancing it and strengthening its natural barrier. On the other hand, signs of age, even the most profound ones, are easily reduced and prevented from appearing, thus giving rise to a complexion that is not only soothed but rejuvenated.