Counselling & Esthetics

Why a combination of counselling & esthetic services?
I believe that the body and mind are intimately connected. When we feel psychologically stressed, we often feel both mentally and physically stressed.

The skin, our sensory system, is the largest organ of the body and is closely connected to the mind. Counselling combined with esthetics provide a deeper therapy to address both the physical and emotional effects of stress. The esthetic services as an integral part of the counselling, can help you relax your muscles and release tensions in your body and help ease some of your mental and emotional stress.

My goal is to help you achieve an optimal state of health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Experience the relaxing and calming effects of my esthetic services before or after the counselling session or while we work on your emotional well-being.

How it works
The first session starts with 55 minutes of counselling and we will continue after with the esthetic service. Counselling might continue or stop when the esthetic service starts. We will discuss what may work best for you. At the end of the first session we will discuss what works best for the following session. You might decide, for example, that you would like to start with the esthetic service the next time.