Esthetic services at Vita Vitalis will help you feel relaxed, calm and confident.

All services will be nourishing, soothing and restoring to the most vital organ of the body, the skin.

To best support your skin, I use a USDA and OCIA certified local wild organic seaweed products (Seaflora).

The esthetic service will start with aromatherapy and breathing exercises. The relaxation benefits of the esthetic services may also help ease some of your mental stress and tension.

Seaflora Wild Organic Seaweed Skincare
I use local, wild organic seaweed products (Seaflora) packed with vitamins and nutrients that provide your skin with the best of care. Seaflora is a Canadian Coastal company on Vancouver Island that makes beautiful skin products with hand-harvested seaweed from the Canadian Pacific Ocean that nourish, sooth and restore your skin. Seaweeds are known for their protective antioxidants, trace minerals and essential amino acids. Seaflora skin care products are 100% USDA and OCIA certified organic and contain no parabens, no mineral oil, no petroleums, no mercury, no tars, no formaldehyde and are never tested on animals.

Description of Services:

Luxury Seaweed Mini Facial
This mini facial will ensure you to walk away refreshed and grounded. Experience the detoxifying and restorative properties for the skin of wild organic seaweed. Your skin will look vital after cleansing, exfoliating, toning, mask application and moisturizing. Natural astringent properties of the wild seaweed products will combat acne in addition to the extractions that will be performed. Hot towels, essential oils and head shiatsu will promote greater relaxation and well-being.

Calming and Restoring Seaweed Facial
After some relaxation exercises, the Calming and Restoring Facial starts with a cleanse of the skin with Sea Foam Cleansing Concentrate containing 3 types of seaweed (Rainbow and Fucus seaweed and Sea Lettuce) and are like all Seaflora products – high in vitamins and nutrients that are detoxifying and help repair and grow skin tissue. In addition, natural astringent properties will help control breakouts and refine pores. Skin analysis, exfoliation, steaming, extractions, toning and a mask are all part of this luxurious seaweed facial. The use of hot towels during your facial and massage, together with a customized essential oil blend to promote relaxation, will provide muscle tension relief and improve blood circulation and skin elasticity. The service will end with a moisturizer, serum and eye cream. You will walk away with an eased body and mind!

Detoxifying and Hydrating Back Facial
This back facial is treating your back with relaxation, exfoliation, detoxifying seaweed elements and deep moisturizing. I will spend extra care to all these aspects as you cannot get to the back on your own! Skin analysis and extractions are part of this service to address any acne on the back. A customized essential oil blend for the back, shoulder and neck massage is used for extra benefits to your skin, body and mind.
Warm paraffin is used on top of the wild organic seaweed body wrap for the ultimate relaxion experience, increasing blood circulation, opening the pores for excellent penetration of the hydrating elements and heating treat stiff joints to alleviate pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis and sore muscles. The service will end with a gentle moisturize to restore vitamins and nutrients in the skin.

Soothing Wild Seaweed Full Body Scrub & Skin Hydration
Experience the benefits for your skin of a wild seaweed and ocean mud exfoliation and deep skin hydration. Relax during the exfoliation while your skin is ridden of toxins and dead cells while at the same time being supplied with antioxidants and minerals for protection. The exfoliation as well as massage to the skin with the wild seaweed body lotion promotes improved blood circulation and cellulite appearance which helps to make the skin appear more firm and healthy.

Balancing Full Body Massage
Take some deep breaths with your personalized oil blend and enjoy this one hour full body massage that can be beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. Relaxation may decrease your stress level and helps you relax your mind and body. Massage promotes improved blood circulation, eases sore muscles and stiffness and provides relief of pains and aches.

Grounding and Tension Releasing Hot Stone Massage
The warmth of stones in combination with massage helps your muscles to relax and release tension, easing sore and tense muscles. The hot stone massage includes a customized essential oil blend and alternate techniques such as placing the stones on parts of the body and massaging with the pressure of the the warm stones. The heat of the stones in combination with the massage will lead to improved blood circulation resulting in more oxygen to the muscles, which can help aches and pains. The relaxation also may help you ease some of your mental stress and tension.

Detoxifying and Skin Firming Lower Body Treatment
Enjoy the exfoliation, leg massage, body wrap and additional back massage to promote detoxification and renewal of the skin. The combination of these services will create the perfect environment for the skin to have this beautiful therapeutic seaweed product deeply penetrate into the skin for optimal cellulite control, circulation, hydration and rejuvenating benefits.

Tinting & Waxing is also available.