Weight Management

I am passionate about helping clients manage their weight and feel healthier, more confident and happier. My dedication to helping others with weight issues had led me to over 10 years of fulfilling experience in helping children, teens, families, and adults managing their weight. I use a cognitive behavioural approach and will help you change your thought processes which directly effect your emotions and behaviours. I will treat you with respect and help create a safe and comfortable environment in which you will set goals to work on during therapy and at home.

13088821_sManaging your weight is a challenging road, one filled with successful goal attainment  and moments of relapse which can garner both hope and frustration. Weight management takes hard work and persistence to create a healthier food and exercise environment and, to feel confident and balanced, physically and mentally. Together we will tackle the tough moments and celebrate the positive ones!

Weight management counselling can also be combined with esthetic services for deeper therapy. Detoxifying and skin firming treatment is recommended in addition to the counselling, but you will choose the treatment that you feel most comfortable with. The first session starts with 55 minutes of counselling and the esthetic service will follow after. At the end of the first session we will discuss what works best for the following session. You might decide for example that you would like to start with the esthetic service the next time.

Therapy will include:

  • Becoming aware of the underlying thoughts and how this affects your emotions and behaviour
  • Goal setting
  • Psycho-education about lifestyle and psychological and physical processes
  • Self-monitoring of behaviours/mood and thought logs/homework
  • Psychological impact
  • Challenging and reframing thoughts
  • Mindful exercises
  • Creating effective coping and self-management skills
  • Relapse Management